Donations call Ukraine

The background

The reason for this fundraising campaign is to provide local civilians with protection from heavy metal aerosols, toxic dust such as asbestos, and from disease.

During war, destruction and munitions release just such dusts and aerosols and can cause significant health damage.

Food shortages, housing communities, lack of sleep and poor water supplies can also cause communicable diseases.

Our Livipro masks protect local people against these dangers. In addition, a Livipro mask can be used for up to one year due to its reusability.

The donation idea

We provide fifty thousand of our Livipro masks. We donate half of them by adding
a second mask free of charge
to your
donation, the contribution of 29 Swiss francs per

The masks will be delivered to Germany, to the institution #Weareallukrainians, which is responsible for the distribution of the masks to the most vulnerable people in the Ukrainian civilian population.