Care instructions

Washing instructions and care instructions for LIVIPRO® mask.

  • Use masks only for personal purposes.
  • With a mask you clearly show that you show consideration for other people.
  • When you wear a mask, you tend to think about not touching your face.
  • There are various tips on the Internet for cleaning face protection masks; these do not apply to LIVIPRO® masks.
  • You have a product that only needs to be cleaned of dirt.

Washing machine

If the LIVIPRO® mask is dirty, it must be washed at 30-60 degrees with conventional powder detergent, without fabric softener. (No liquid detergent). This process can be repeated up to approx. 50 times with a mask.

The LIVIPRO® mask does not have to be washed every day, only when it is dirty. (As a rule, with a daily gestation time of approx. 5 hours) every 14 days +/-.

Washable in the washing machine, if possible in a laundry bag, at a temperature of 30-60 ° C. In addition to the washing powder, no special hygiene or disinfectant detergent is necessary.
Least of all "Corona detergent", which is already advertised by some manufacturers.

Do not tumble dry, hang to dry, let dry well and store in a protected place.

After wearing the mask, let it dry well before reusing it.

The mask should fit snugly. The mouth and nose should be completely covered, and the mask should fit snugly.
The used mask, clearly assignable to one person, in order to prevent it from being worn by other people (e.g. marking the mask on the lanyard).

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