Refund policy

8. Returns / Right of withdrawal

A right to return the ordered goods basically exists only in case of wrong delivery by UNREPA GmbH, production deficiencies and transport damage, which were incurred in the course of the delivery. We ask our customers explicitly to examine the delivery received upon receipt promptly on appropriate shortcomings. Any mistakes or defects in delivery are to be communicated to UNREP GmbH without delay (within 5 days). If a defect or damage before UNRA GmbH is to be represented, UNRE GmbH is entitled to decide according to its own choice between exchange or remedies. The goods must be sent in original packaging, unused and completely returned.

Unfortunately, we can not offer withdrawals in the following cases:

- Hygiene (eg Livipro® neck hose Swiss Mask Force, LiviPro® Mask Swiss Mask Force)

False delivery
In case of incorrect delivery, UNREPA GmbH will be explained to the customer the correct articles if possible or order the order otherwise be paid by a corresponding replacement (after choice of the customer) with the same value. A cancellation of the order is not possible as long as the item ordered is available.

Defective article
Defective or damaged articles are basically examined for the corresponding defects in order to ensure the guarantee. Damage based on faulty material or for faults in manufacturing are treated by UNREPA GmbH analogous to the provisions of false delivery. In principle, a dissolution of the contractual relationship with the above occurrences is not granted.

Transport damage
For transport damage, within 48 hours of receipt of the goods, a message with detailed specification of the damage by e-mailinfo@unrepa.chDemands because otherwise the claim for free replacement goes out.

In case of mistaken return, any costs incurred in the course of the return of UNREPA GmbH will be charged to the customer.

The customer will be granted a period of 5 working days from receipt of the goods, within which the goods can be returned together with the complaint.
Please note that a return will never lead to a paid remuneration as long as the ordered goods are available. We reserve the right to pay you the relevant value of the goods through a voucher or an equivalent article.
The shipping costs must always be borne by the customer. Unfortunately, not sufficiently stamped returns can not be edited. The shipping costs will only be refunded to the customer if the delivery is a misfortune, UNRA GmbH or production damage or transport damage.

Exchange excluded items
Due to the strong price reduction, a conversion is excluded in written items. Likewise with hygiene articles, an exchange is excluded.